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Frequently Asked Questions - Newcastle Batteries


How are batteries rated?

The most common rating on a battery is AMP-HOUR Rating  or CCA  Rating. Amp/hour  is the measurement of the batteries capacity, obtained by multiplying a current flow in amps by the time in hours of the discharge.   (Example: A battery which delivers 5 amps for 20 hours delivers 5amps x 20hrs   Equals 100amp/hours)   Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Is the maximum amperes that can be continuously removed from a battery for 30 seconds at -18 degrees Celsius.   This rating is only useful in the starting of engines.   NOTE: Do not confuse CCA  with  MCA (marine cranking amps) & CA (cranking amps) These are measured at a warmer temp and will have higher ratings.

What is the difference between a Deep Cycle Battery and a Starting Battery?

Deep Cycle Batteries: All Lead Acid Batteries can be discharged and charged. However, a true Deep cycle battery is capable of thousands of these hard cycles during it’s life. Starting Battery: A starting battery is designed for engine starts. Most commonly in cars, boats, motorcycles. They are designed for high cranking for a short time needed to start an engine. Although they will discharge and recharge similar to a Deep cycle battery Their life expectancy will not be as long.

What is an AGM Battery?

Absorbed Glass Matt Batteries (AGM) became popular in the early 1980’s as a sealed lead acid battery for military aircraft, vehicles and UPS to reduce weight and improve reliability. The sulfuric acid is absorbed by a fine fiberglass mat, making the battery spill-proof. AGM batteries have a low internal resistance which allows for faster recharge. It also has a low self- discharge rate which allows for longer storage life.

How do I series connect two batteries?

Connecting in Series: When connecting your batteries in Series you are doubling the voltage while maintaining the same capacity rating (amp hours). This might be used in a scooter, Power Wheels kids vehicle, or other applications. Just use a jumper wire between the negative of the first battery and the positive of the second battery. Run your negative wire off of the open connector from the first battery and your positive off of the open connector on your second battery.

Diagram showing two 6volt batteries connected in series

How do I parallel two batteries?

Connecting in Parallel: When connecting in Parallel you are doubling the capacity (amp hours) of the battery while maintaining the voltage of one of the individual batteries. This would be used in applications such as laptop batteries, some scooters, some ups backups, etc. Use a jumper wire between the positives of both batteries and another jumper wire between the negatives of both batteries. Connect your positive and negative wires to the same battery to run to your application.

Connecting two 6 volt batteries in parallel

What are the dangers of small lithium batteries with children?

Safety Tips

• Keep button batteries out of sight and reach of children. Remote controls, singing greeting cards, watches, hearing aids, thermometers, toys and electric keys may contain these batteries.

• Keep loose batteries locked away to prevent access by small children.

• Communicate the danger of swallowing button batteries with caregivers, friends, family members and baby sitters.

• If you suspect your child has ingested a battery, go to the hospital immediately. Wait for a medical assessment before allowing the child to eat and drink.